NB Medical

Problem: Their target audience found the homepage design overwhelming

By conducting a usability study with healthcare professionals and using adjusted wald confidence to analyse their feedback.

We asked the sample to articulate their thoughts and feelings whilst completing the focus journey on NB Medical’s website.

This task was to ‘find and book a course or webinar that meets their outstanding CPD requirements’.

User Insights

Throughout their experience, three areas of frustration were common:

‘The website is too busy’ ‘The website does not catch my eye’ ‘The website is inconsistent’

Ultimately, users did find what they were looking for eventually but were not tempted by the upsell of NB Medical’s new subscription-based product, NB Plus. Sometimes they would miss the information about this product entirely.

To quote one tester:

“Website is quite busy and there are a lot of things but it doesn’t really give a lot of information.” “A lot of text in different fonts and formats” “While scrolling through nothing catches the eye unless you know what you’re looking for.” “Website is very grey” “The cards are nice but there’s too much text in each one.”

Solution: Simplify the user journey

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