Paid Marketers – I Built a Free Bulk Google Analytics Audience Maker to Save Time

Recently I asked some of my Paid Marketing pals what frustrated them about Google Analytics. As someone who likes to work smarter, not harder, I’m always on the lookout for time-saving inspiration.

From the feedback I got, a big gear grinding time sink for them was the Audience creation in the Google Analytics property admin. This is a 3 step process similar to creating a segment, but it’s super slow if you have to create 10 new audiences one by one.

This was a lightbulb moment, the Google Analytics API (Guide Here) has the functionality to create audiences. With a bit of programming, I was able to build a tool using Google Sheets for the user’s input, and Google App Scripts bound to the sheet to turn that user input into new Audiences.

You can make a copy of this tool by following the link below ?

Using the Maker tab, you define a simple Audience on each row. Each row requires the IDs for the Google Analytics View, the conditions of the Audience, and a Google Ad Account to link this to. You just need to authorise my script (unverified) with the login you use for GA to bulk upload the new Audiences to a Google Analytics View.

I have included a tab with a 5 step guide for getting started with this.

  1. Make a new copy of this sheet
  2. Login with the same login you use for Google Analytics access
  3. A new (simple) Google Analytics Audience will be created for each row you complete, all cells must have a value
  4. Press UPLOAD, it will ask for authentication, this isn’t a verified script so a warning may appear, choose the (unsafe) option at the bottom
  5. After authorization you will need to hit the UPLOAD button again, you should see the last upload details to the right of the button once complete

I’ve also released a short video that walks through this process –

If you have any bugs, or suggestions for improvements let me know below. If you have any questions or suggestions for future tools like this, you can reach me at or on LinkedIn. If you want to get regular updates from us, sign up for our newsletter below!