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The better you look in the eyes of your clients, the better your chances of winning pitches or retention.
We specialise in working with agencies to make miracles out of your client’s data and help you blow their minds.


In a fast-moving world where most startups die before they get off the ground, data can be the secret weapon that helps launch you into success.

We work with startups at all levels to gather, interpret and maximise data.


Businesses need data. It’s why we’ve seen so many rulings and regulations made to protect consumers and limit data collection. We help companies with everything from initial data capture through to full growth strategies based on cold, hard data analysis.

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Demystify your data and grow your business

Data Strategy

We’ll map out a data strategy that helps you plot your success. From assessing how you gather data to implementing new data policies, let us put your data to work.

Data Engineering

Having no data is better than having bad data. We will build, tweak and customise systems to collect the right data for your business to help direct your results and cut out low quality data.

Data Analytics and Dashboarding

Data can often appear complicated, confusing and downright boring. We’ll change that - collecting, curating and organising data so that it makes sense and can help you chart a clear, coherent journey.

What our clients say

"We got some great results off the back and had a few laughs along the way.
Bedrock exceeded expectations, all work was delivered on time and within budget. We would thoroughly recommend Scott and the team."
Chris Lucarelli
Chris Lucarelli
Marketing Director - Cal Partners
"They've transformed performance for some of our major global clients.
The team are very knowledgable and extremely passionate about what they do. We've had a really great experience so far."
Bethanie Dennis
Bethanie Dennis
Head of Content and Digital PR - North
"They are a trusted partner and a genuine pleasure to work with.
Bedrock 42 has the unique ability to simplify complex analytical challenges and communicate solutions in a way that both excites and reassures clients.
Anrew Charlton
Andrew Charlton
Founder -

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Bedrock is a data analytics agency built to make you look good.

We’ll analyse your data and help you make informed decisions that lead to greater efficiency, increased conversions and higher customer satisfaction.

Whether you’re an agency looking to wow your clients or a business aiming to drive success, Bedrock is the ace up your sleeve.

Bedrock is a data analytics agency specialising in growth marketing. We’re based in Manchester but serve clients on a global scale to help businesses understand their data, leverage its value and increase its effectiveness.

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